apartment resident ideas for May

Apartment Resident Event Ideas May 2022

Warm weather is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about your next resident event. In May, there are many exciting events and activities that you can host in your apartment complex. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our top apartment resident event ideas for May 2022.

Chocolate Parfait Bar: Falling on the first of the month, invite residents to indulge in chocolate parfaits. Set up a table in your outdoor space with parfaits and toppings like pretzels, cookie bits, candy, nuts, fruits, etc. You don’t have to be stuck on one type of parfait; you can also include other fresh flavors like fruit and cream. Have your residents post their parfaits on social media using #ChocolateParfaitDay to celebrate the holiday and tag your complex so you can also repost it on your social media.

Astronaut Day: If your property has a lot of families with young children, celebrate astronaut day by having them dress up as their favorite astronauts. This day is to educate young people and inspire them to pursue a career in rocket science. You can coordinate a field trip to a local science museum or put out educational material in the lobby for residents to stop by and read more about. Or you can set up a book club for residents to read leading up to astronaut day and discuss the book in detail. Here are just a few options you can choose from.

Honor LGBTQ Elders Day: This day recognizes the thousands of people in the LGBTQ community who have paved the way for rights and social acceptance. You can celebrate by organizing an LGTBQ event where elder residents can speak on their experiences. This can come in the form of a coffee, seminar, or luncheon recognizing LGBTQ elders for their contributions to the community. Make sure to partner with local organizations to help you curate the events and provide you with any resources you may need.

Bike Party: In honor of Bike-to-work day, host a bike party for residents that own one. Have everyone meet in the lobby simultaneously and ride off to their respective jobs. Once residents return home, you can continue the party with a social ride through the community with a theme. Whether that’s an 80’s theme to a music-themed party, create an easy bike path for all ages.

May’s “National Day” Celebrations

Each month we highlight different “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. These come from the National Day Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or activity for your apartment residents!

apartment resident ideas

Kentucky Derby Day on May 1st: Host a Derby watch party to kick off the horse racing season. Have your residents fully dressed up and provide food and drinks. Be sure to serve the classic Mint Julep cocktails to enjoy during the event. Broadcast the Kentucky Derby live on your patio area and have chairs set up for residents to sit, eat, and chat.

Cinco de Mayo on May 5th: In celebration of this Mexican holiday, host a party that honors the heritage and culture of the Mexican people. Serve traditional Mexican plates and drinks such as margaritas, with short descriptions of the food’s origin. Encourage residents to try and speak Spanish throughout the party. You can also set up a tasting bar serving tequila and mezcal with an expert to give your residents a complete understanding of the complexities and history of the alcohols.

National American Red Cross Founder’s Day on May 21st: Reach out to a local Red Cross facility and host a blood drive. Set up a sign-up sheet with different times slots where residents can stop by and give blood. Also, set up a space where residents can rest after giving blood, including any snacks to help them back on their feet to continue about their day.

National World Paloma Day on May 22nd: To celebrate World Paloma Day, host a mixology class where the featured drink is a Paloma. Enjoy the cocktails, good conversation, and mini-history lesson all in one.


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