June In Letters On Paper Pinned To Bulletin Board For June 2022 Apartment Resident Event Ideas

Apartment Resident Event Ideas June 2022

Warm weather is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about your next resident event. In June, there are many exciting events and activities that you can host in your apartment complex. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our top apartment resident event ideas for June 2022.

End of School Celebration: Around the country, June means the end of school year and the official start of summer break for students. Multi-family property managers can throw a party to celebrate the end of the school year. Consider a bulletin board or other way to highlight and recognize high school graduates.

Official Start of Summer Party: The summer solstice occurs every year between June 20th and 22nd and marks the official start of summer. Apartment managers can plan an event around the solstice to kickoff summer. If the budget permits, this is a great chance to host a bigger event, such as a BBQ or pool party.

Ice Cream Social: Summer months mean hot weather, and nothing goes better in hot weather than ice cream. Property managers can go out and buy all of the ice cream for the event and even serve up ice cream sundaes. If buying ice cream isn’t in the budget, don’t worry. Make an ice cream social a low-budget event by contacting a local ice cream truck to visit the property and sell ice cream for an hour.

Father’s Day Card Making: Help residents celebrate Father’s Day by hosting a card making party. This is a great arts and crafts style event for property’s with lots of children and young kids. Even better, it only takes a modest amount of craft supplies, like a card making kit, and a common area space with a few tables to pull off!

June’s “National Day” Celebrations

Each month we highlight different “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. These come from the National Day Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or activity for your apartment residents!
Apartment Residents During Yoga Class During A June 2022 Apartment Resident Event For International Yoga Day
National Running Day on June 1st: A community fun run and walk is a great way to celebrate National Running Day on June 1st. It also gets residents outdoors to start enjoying nice summer weather! Property’s with lots of kids can make this a great apartment resident event by including relay races with prizes.

National Donut Day on June 5th: This is another super easy apartment resident event for June 2022. Host a donut party, or simply a donut giveaway, on National Donut Day. This can be as easy as hosting a “free donuts” event in the morning where residents can grab a donut and cup of coffee on their way out the door.

International Yoga Day on June 21st: Host a free yoga class to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st. This is a great way to showoff your apartment community’s fitness center. It is also a reasonably easy and affordable event that only requires space to host the class and paying a local instructor to lead it.

National Camera Day on June 29th: With the rise of smart phones, everyone has a camera. Recognize national camera day by having a funny photo or selfie competition. Put a bulleting board in a common area and let residents pin up their best pictures. Have an anonymous vote to pick the winner. A Polaroid Go Instant Camera is makes a great prize for this type of competition.


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