Resident Event Ideas For January 2023

January 2023 Apartment Resident Event Ideas For Multifamily Property Managers

With the holiday season in the past, the start of the new year may seem a little less joyous. This time of year is when people are looking to start their New Year’s resolutions and change their lives. A fantastic way to keep your current residents is to engage with them. If they feel a connection with you and their apartments, then they will be more reluctant to leave. And as a result, everyone benefits! One way to engage with residents is to have events. Keep reading for some resident event ideas for January 2023 that everyone will love.

Fitness Classes: 26% of Americans say they want to lose weight and improve their health as their new year’s resolution. Why not help them out by offering fitness classes? Your residents will appreciate having a range of them, such as yoga, Zumba, spinning, Pilates, HIIT, and more. This will give them plenty of choices to hit their fitness goals and fulfill their resolutions. An added benefit is if some residents have never used your on-site amenities before, this will encourage them to take a look. When they realize they have got great resources nearby, they will want to stay for longer!

Cooking Classes: Besides physical activity, another aspect of wellness is eating. After all, you can work out all you want, but if you are eating all the wrong things, you will still gain weight and do damage to your body. Show your residents that you care about their well-being by offering cooking classes. They can help residents who want to make home-cooked meals in their apartments but do not know where to start. These can be beneficial to even experienced cooks because they can learn new recipes they have never tried before.

Resident Event Ideas For January 2023

Arts and Crafts Classes: One of the best resident activities to have is art classes. This lets people get in touch with their artistic sides and take a break from their hectic lives, which can be therapeutic. What’s great about arts and crafts is that there are so many different types. For example, there’s sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, photography, poetry, etc. This means that there are limitless options for art classes at your property. Residents will love apartment living here and will definitely engage with these activities.

Food Truck Festival: When the weather’s nice, it’s a good idea to put on a food truck festival for your residents. Do not just hire food trucks either; provide some fantastic entertainment as well, such as live bands or DJs. This resident event idea is great because not only can you showcase local cuisine, but you can also support the community. When residents see how delicious local food is, they’ll be motivated to visit these trucks later on. Do note that if you’re having the food trucks set up shop in your parking lot, you should give your residents fair warning in advance. That way, they can figure out logistics and not get blocked in if they need to leave.

BBQ Cookout: Another outdoor food idea that might be more cost-effective is having a BBQ cookout. Buy some quality meat from your local butcher and rent a backyard smoker if you do not have a BBQ setup already. This can be fun in the summertime, especially if your property has a pool. Your residents can take a dip when they get hot, then come up to lounge by the pool and munch on some food fresh off the grill. Worried about the residents being bored as the food cooks? Then consider having some lawn games they can participate in.

Movie Nights: Apartment life means many afternoons and nights spent binging Netflix shows and movies on the couch. But some residents may not have significant others or roommates to do this with, which can be lonely. Bring your apartment residents together and fight loneliness by hosting movie nights. Provide popcorn, snacks, and soda for them as they watch excellent movies on the big screen. Your movie nights may be what instigates lasting friendships between neighbors.

MLK Day: With many schools, businesses, and government offices closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day, host a day of service for residents. Set up a sign-up sheet in the lobby where each resident can volunteer in the community.

Resident Event Ideas For January 2023


January’s “National Holiday” Celebrations

Every month we highlight “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. All of these come from the National Holiday Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or training for your apartment residents!

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day on January 2nd: With the start of a new year, many create their New Year’s resolutions to meet physical or health goals. Why not help your residents meet their goals by hiring a personal trainer to host a group session in your fitness center. Send out a sign-up sheet for those interested and include details regarding the day and time of the group session. This can also allow residents to speak with a personal trainer to design a program just for them or give extra advice on staying consistent.

National Trivia Day on January 4th: For this day, you can host a trivia night for all the residents in the building to win cool prizes. Have your residents play solo or in teams to compete against each other using their trivia skills. This night can be based on your favorite trivia game, like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit.

National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20th: Who doesn’t love cheese? What better way to celebrate national cheese lover’s day than provide a charcuterie board with all different types of cheeses, meats, and delectables for your residents to pick through.

National Puzzle Day on January 29th: In celebration of national puzzle day, you can set up tables in the lobby and host a game night. Have residents provide their favorite board games and create a bracket system for each team or person to advance. Another option is to host a trivia night. Provide a PowerPoint presentation with an assortment of trivia questions and set up tables so residents can break into teams. The winners of game night and trivia night can each get a prize of their choosing.


These resident event ideas for January 2023 will set you up for success, especially if you have a nice mix of them throughout the year. While the events can take some effort to put together, it will pay off when you see the residents engage with not only one another but also you. This fosters trust, loyalty, and investment in your property, and results in long-term residents who give you peace of mind.

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