Ask The Right Questions On Notebook Over Corkboard For Apartment Manager Job Interview Tips
After conducting your job search and finding a great apartment management job opening you apply and land an interview. For some people, interviewing comes naturally. Conversely, a job interview can be a daunting proposition for other job seekers. Whether you love or hate interviewing, these apartment manager job interview tips will help you ace your interview and land a great job offer.

5 Apartment Manager Job Interview Tips

Conduct Pre-Interview Research

While researching a company before applying is important, it is must before a job interview. Job seekers should research the company, specific property, hiring manager, and the details of the job opportunity.

Due to the wealth of information available online, there are no excuses for not knowing this information. Great resources for this type of research include company and property specific websites. Furthermore, job seekers can use LinkedIn to research hiring managers.

Provide Concrete Numbers

Everyone can wrap their head around hard numbers. Therefore, they are extremely important to highlight during an interview. The best way to incorporate them is to describe an initiative or key responsibility, then provide a hard number demonstrating success. Here’s an example:

“At my last property I initiated a resident survey program to find out how we could improve the property. Using the feedback gathered, we made changes that resulted in lease renewals increasing 10%”.


Directly Answer the Question Asked

Listen closely to the question being asked, then directly answer it. Job seekers often over answer questions and provide run on answers, which can do more harm than good. When hiring managers ask a question, it is because they want that specific question answered.

In addition to directly answering the question asked, try to use short and sweet answers. Rather than giving two or three examples in a response, give one great example. Hiring managers will remember one great answer, while less notable examples tend to blur together.


Prepare Great Questions

While cliched, most interviews do end with the job seeker having an opportunity to ask questions. This is where thorough research and preparation can truly pay off. Asking an insightful and detailed question can demonstrate your interest in the opportunity and separate you from other candidates.

Avoid general questions that are not especially relevant to the company or opportunity. Additionally, avoid questions about compensation and benefits during this portion of the interview. Try to focus on specific aspects of the opportunity or property. Always prepare 3 to 5 questions. While you might not ask them all, it is better to be prepared.


10:30AM Tuesday Please

Tuesday morning at 10:30AM is the statistically best time to schedule interview, according to Glassdoor. While they did not provide the worst time to interview, job seekers should avoid the following interview times when possible.

  • The beginning or end of the workday
  • Monday or Friday (especially around holidays)
  • Immediately before or after lunchtime

All things considered, the content of your interview is more important than the time it takes place. Nevertheless, any opportunity to schedule at the best time, or avoid the worst times, should be taken.

Looking for even more apartment manager job interview tips? Checkout this property management interview checklist that covers all the basic do’s and don’ts of interviewing.

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