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Apartment Complex Pool Safety Tips

With Memorial Day right around the corner, it means pool season is arriving in many parts of the country. While pools are an awesome apartment amenity, they also create safety concerns for property managers. According to the CDC, approximately 10 people drown every day and 2 of these people are children under the age of 14. Before the start of the summer, here are our top apartment complex pool safety tips for property managers.

Review Pool Safety Rules and Policies

The start of the summer should always include a review of pool rules and policies. Even in areas where pools are open year round, there should be an annual review. If the property management staff does not know the rules, how can they be enforced? During this review, make sure the existing rules and policies are up to date with current regulations based on your city, state, and county.

Hire Professional Pool Management

Property managers are not experts in pool safety, nor should they be. As a result, it can often make sense to hire a professional pool management company. They can assist with setting up and enforcing pool rules, handle pool maintenance, and provide lifeguard services.

One of the best ways to find a credible and trained pool management company is through the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Certified Pool & Spa Operator program. In addition to being a great resource for finding a pool operator, this certification is actually required licensing for professional pool operators in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

Establish Clear Pool Rules

After reviewing pool rules, make sure they are extremely clear to residents. Here are a few great ways to remind residents of pool rules each year.

  • Post a new sign(s) annually with pool rules in a highly visible area of the pool
  • Distribute a printed copy of the rules to all units prior to re-opening the pool
  • Post the new rules on any community websites and/or bulletin boards
  • Post the pool rules to the community Facebook page and group
  • Include a copy of pool rules in any new resident materials

Remember, just like property managers and staff members need to know and enforce the rules, residents can’t follow them if they are not well informed.

Secure Pool Area Gates and Fences

A professionally installed pool fence is an important part of pool area safety at any apartment community. In fact, they are required by law in many areas. While having a fence is important, having one that is good condition is equally important. During the annual review of pool safety policies, the fences around the pool area should also be inspected for damage. In addition to making sure the fence is in good condition, double check gates and locks are working property at the beginning of the pool season.

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Strictly Enforce Rules

Even if a property has strong pool rules, they are not helpful if management or staff fails to enforce them. While it should be a last resort and must be included in the lease agreement, terminating residency is a final option for residents who continually violate pool rules.

Install Pool Alarms

One concern for any property with a pool is residents or guests entering the pool area after hours. A pool alarm system is one way to deter these types of activities. If people know a system will alert management and potentially other residents about unauthorized pool access, they are far less likely to enter or remain in the pool area. While no system is perfect, a pool alarm can go a long way in preventing

Remove Diving Boards and Water Slides

While diving boards and water slides can be fun, they dramatically increase the chances of pool injuries. This is simply because residents and guests can easily slip and fall off of them or hit the water awkwardly causing injuries or in a worst case scenario, drowning. Additionally, young children are more likely to attempt to use diving boards and slides before they are capable swimmers, increasing the chances of a major pool accident.

Is our list missing any apartment complex pool safety tips? Send us an email with your tips and we will update our list!

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