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Advantages Of Winter Proposals For Future Projects


Even though winter weather makes it challenging to start or finish many projects, it is actually a great time for commercial property managers to take proposals for future projects. There are three main reasons why January and February are great months to take proposals on projects for April or May:

  1. Collecting Three Bids

  3. Priority Project Scheduling

  5. Competitive Pricing

In short, property managers can avoid the headaches of waiting to the last minute to collect proposals. Keep reading below for the details on these 3 advantages of winter proposals for future projects.

Collecting Three Bids

Once the spring really kicks into gear, it can be challenging to find contractors to offer proposals for projects. Consequently, property managers are dealing with the all too familiar problem of getting three qualified bids. During the winter, contractors have the time to provide estimates for projects. This is because they are less busy due to the seasonal nature of their work.

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Priority Project Scheduling

Another advantage of winter proposals for future projects is priority scheduling. When a property manager takes an estimate in January or February, they can execute the proposal and schedule the project ahead of the spring or summer season. This gives them an advantage over property managers who wait until the spring.

Before executing a winter proposal for a spring project, property managers should review it closely. This is because winter weather can mask issues that might pop up once the project starts. Rather than dealing with multiple change orders, double check with the contractor about the chances of unexpected issues appearing once the weather changes.

Competitive Pricing

While there are no guarantees, property managers can try to negotiate better pricing on winter proposals. Since it is the winter, and contractors love having work closed and scheduled, they are more likely to bend on prices. This is especially true if a property manager plans to execute a proposal in the winter and schedule the work in spring. It is important to realize that a winter proposal does not automatically mean a lower price.

Additionally, property managers need to confirm how long contractors plan to honor any proposal. This is especially important when taking proposals in January or February for a project that will not start until May or June. While it is helpful to have pricing, an expired proposal is essentially worthless. Since timing is important when taking winter proposals, property managers should request an expiry date in writing on the proposal.

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