Property Managers Attending A Tradeshow Held By A Property Management Association In 2022

Great Property Management Associations In 2022

Did you know there have been property management associations in the United States going back to the early 1900’s? No different than property management itself, the role of associations in the industry have evolved over the the past 100 years.

Today, there are numerous property management associations with a wide range of offerings. Associations exist for almost every type of property and operate on local, regional, and national level. Most major property management associations offer industry education, professional certifications, and even lobby at state and federal levels. Other property management association services often include professional networking events, vendor and supplier directories, conferences, and tradeshows.

With numerous choices available, it can be challenging to make sense of the top property management associations. To help, here are 7 property management associations to know in 2022.


1. Building Owners And Managers Association

Commonly abbreviated to BOMA, the Building Owners and Managers Association is a lead property management association in 2022. BOMA operates local chapters that offer in person events and training. They recently launched the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) program designed for early career property managers. BOMA members manage a wide variety of properties ranging from office buildings to industrial properties. Click here to learn more about BOMA.

2. International Facility Management Association

The International Facility Management Association, or IFMA for short, is designed for facility managers. IFMA offers educational programs and certifications specific to facility management. It also operates many local chapters in major cities around the country. Since property managers and facility managers work together closely at large commercial properties, this is an important property management association to know in 2022. Visit IFMA’s website to discover how it can help advance your facility management career.

3. Institute of Real Estate Management

Similar to BOMA and IFMA, Institute of Real Estate Management members are responsible for a wide range of property types. As a result, they offer a wide range of training programs with both commercial and residential focuses. IREM also offers the Certified Property Manager, or CPM, certification program. This is one of the most recognized and respected certifications in the property management industry. Click here to learn more about the Institute of Real Estate Management or find a local chapter.

4. Community Association’s Institute

Known as CAI for short, the Community Association’s Institute is the best property management association for professionals running HOA’s, condominiums, and co-operatives. In fact, every educational training and certification offered by CAI is focused specifically on these property types. Interestingly, CAI has both professional members and homeowner members who serve unpaid positions on their community or homeowner association’s boards. CAI’s website is a great resource to learn more about their offerings.

5. National Apartment Association

The National Apartment Association is the parent to hundreds of local apartment associations around the country. It is entirely focused on the multi-family industry, including low income housing and student housing. The National Apartment Association offers a large catalog of online training programs and 8 professional certifications specific to multi-family property management, operations, and maintenance. Click here to learn more about the National Apartment Association.

6. Commercial Real Estate Women Network

Known informally as CREW, the Commecial Real Estate Women Network is a property management association to know in 2022. CREW is not specific to any type of property or even property management. It is an industry association for all women involved in commercial real estate. Brokers, leasing agents, property accountants, and yes, property managers, are all members of CREW. Unlike other associations on this list, CREW is focused on helping women advance in the commercial real estate industry. Find a local chapter or learn more about CREW on the association’s website.

7. ConnexFM

Formerly known as the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, ConnexFM is designed for multi-site facility managers. They offer online educational training programs and facility manager members can earn the ProFM credential. ConnexFM does not operate a large network of local chapters. Instead, they host a series of very large tradeshows and expos around the country in major cities. ConnexFM’s event calendar is the easiest way to find out where they are hosting future networking events and tradeshows.

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