Commercial Intercom System With Video Chat Outside Multifamily Building

5 Reasons Your Property Needs to Install a Commercial Intercom System

Whether you manage a corporate office park or a high-rise office building, you and your tenants will benefit from installing the right commercial intercom system. From simplifying visitor access to securing your property with video, read on to discover the top five reasons you should invest in an intercom for your commercial property.

1. Simplify Visitor Access

Multifamily buildings aren’t the only properties that need a visitor management system — people visit commercial properties, too! As such, commercial buildings need a solution to help guests enter the building and connect with the tenants they’re visiting.

Commercial video intercom systems are the perfect tool to simplify guest access. Not only do they provide property access, but they also create a positive first impression for anyone visiting your building. Here’s how video intercoms simplify guest access for planned and unplanned visitors:

  • Unplanned visitors can use the intercom to call a front desk or tenant directly. Since there’s a video camera, the tenant or staff member can visually confirm who’s requesting access. Then, they can open the door for them with the tap of a button.
  • Planned visitors can enter the property by using a virtual key. The best commercial video intercoms let tenants create virtual keys, which are QR codes sent to visitors in advance for streamlined access.

2. Secure Your Building

The simplest way to maintain security at your commercial building is to install a video intercom. Video intercoms improve security by ensuring that tenants can visually confirm who’s requesting access before opening the door for any visitor. Tenants can vet visitors through a video call and easily deny property access if need be.

Having a video intercom also allows you to keep your building locked without complicating property access for tenants, staff, and visitors. Authorized individuals, like tenants and staff, can use credentials — such as PIN codes or a connected mobile app — to gain access through the video intercom. But unauthorized individuals must call and request access from an employee or staff member before they can enter the building.

3. Ensure Package Deliveries

You may have noticed that package deliveries are on the rise across the country. Your commercial building probably receives deliveries from numerous carriers — like Amazon, UPS, and even food delivery services like Grubhub — every day. As a property manager, it can feel impossible to manage access for all those delivery people!

Installing a video intercom takes delivery management duties off your plate. Instead, delivery carriers can enter the building and leave packages with little to no involvement from property staff. Commercial video intercoms offer two ways for couriers to request access:

  • A delivery PIN code. You can provide a unique PIN code to each delivery service for easy access. Couriers enter their PIN at the intercom to enter the building — they don’t even have to contact the front desk.
  • Calling the tenant or front desk. If a courier doesn’t have a delivery PIN, they can simply call the package recipient or the front desk from the intercom. The tenant or staff member can open the door for the carrier with the push of a button.

4. Improve Tenant Experience

Tenant experience is key to your bottom line as a property manager. Dissatisfied tenants lead to high turnover rates, which negatively impacts your net operating income. That’s why it’s so important to invest in creating a positive tenant experience. Commercial video intercoms deliver all the benefits we discussed above, which help cultivate a great experience in your building. Think about it — video intercoms achieve three things:

  • Facilitate deliveries, which your tenants expect to receive without any issues. Successful deliveries lead to happy tenants.
  • Ensure simple visitor access, which adds convenience for tenants who won’t have to leave their desk to let in a guest or delivery service into the building.
  • Keep your building secure, which makes tenants feel safe. A tenant won’t sign or resign their lease if they don’t feel safe in the building.

Video intercom systems are one proven way to retain tenants by offering a great experience. Click here to see 9 additional ways property managers can improve the tenant experience at commercial office properties.


5. Save Time for Front Desk/Property Staff

Finally, the last reason your commercial building needs a video intercom is to save time for your property staff and/or front desk. At your building, you might rely on a staff member to let in visitors, check their credentials, and contact tenants to alert them of guests. You might also rely on that staff member to accept, organize, and store package deliveries. If that’s the case, your staff is spending a lot of time on tasks that could be handled by a video intercom!

Instead of having a front desk or property staff employee handle these tasks, invest in a video intercom to streamline access and deliveries. That way, your staff can spend time on more important tasks that ultimately improve your tenants’ experience.

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