Utility Audits Reduce Costs And Save Money


Every Property Needs an Audit

When is the last time your property reviewed its utility bills or explored energy incentive programs? With common misconceptions surrounding utility audits, plus the busy schedules of property managers, utility audits can become an afterthought. This, however, is a mistake. Utility savings programs have expanded in recent years covering everything from coating HVAC units to installing new water faucets. Consequently, property managers can be missing opportunities to reduce energy costs. Let’s debunk 3 commonly help misconceptions about utility audits.

No Major Savings Opportunities

Don’t think there is a major opportunity to save? Think again. Leading multi-family operator Greystar has saved over $2,000,000 while Maryland based Residential ONE has saved over $7,000,000! These savings were generated after a free utility audit from Utility Savings Inc., one of the country’s top energy auditors. As a result, these reductions in operational costs went straight to the bottom line and boosted net operating income. While every property can’t save millions, there are savings opportunities everywhere.

They Just Want to Sell Something

Worried that an energy audit is just a way to get pitched LED lighting or sold some other product? While this is widely believed, it is simply not the case. Certain programs, such as a free water use audit by Water Savings Inc., are entirely free and require no investment to recoup savings. Other audits will offer different ways to purchase energy and water that can reduce utility costs. While certain savings programs will require spending money, select utility savings programs are 100% free.

Utility Audits are a Hassle

While many free services create more headaches than they are worth, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to utility audits. Most auditors just need a copy of your utility bills, which can be sent via email, to conduct an audit. As a result, utility audits require minimal effort for property managers. In addition to being free, an audit can help property managers offer strategies to increase a property’s net operating income.

Request a Free Utility Audit

Ready to get a free utility audit? Property Manager Insider has teamed up with some of the most well respected utility auditors in the country to offer property managers a truly free energy audit. Just fill out the form below, and our team will connect you with a trusted company to perform your free audit.

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