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17 Places Where Property Managers Can Use Commercial Floor Coatings

While there are numerous applications for commercial floor coatings, they typically vary on a property by property basis. As a result, property managers are not always aware of all their potential applications. Below is a breakdown of 17 places property managers can install commercial floor coatings. Every property, whether it is an apartment complex, office building, warehouse, manufacturing plant or NFL stadium, will have at least a few of these areas.

Benefits of Using Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial floor coatings, from basic epoxies to advanced polyurethanes, offer numerous benefits. Depending on the type of coating, here are some of the advantages commercial floor coatings offer property managers:

  • Antimicrobial – resistant to fungus, mold and mildew
  • Slip resistant per ADA guidelines
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Durable – can handle forklift traffic
  • Unaffected by thermal shock
  • Withstand temperatures from -50°F to 210°F
  • Cleaned with live steam and hot water
  • Low maintenance – never strip or wax
  • Impervious and waterproof

While benefits vary by coating manufacturer and type, most offer at least half, if not more, of the benefits listed above. As a result, commercial floor coatings are extremely versatile. Here are 17 places property managers can use commercial floor coatings.

17 Places Where Property Managers Can Use Commercial Floor Coatings


1. Bathrooms

Public or private bathrooms in any building are a great candidate for a commercial floor coating. because they create slip resistant surfaces that are easy to clean and antimicrobial. Floor coatings can also be installed over outdated tile floors and poured concrete floors.

2. Pet Washing Stations

With apartment amenities focusing more and more on residents’ pets, property managers should consider using a commercial floor coatings in pet washing stations. This takes advantage of floor coating benefits including being waterproof, slip resistant, anti-microbial and easy to clean.

3. Restaurant Kitchens

Commercial floor coatings are an excellent choice for restaurant kitchens. In fact, they work well in restaurants whether they are fast food, fine dining, or something in between. In addition to being mold, fungus and bacteria resistant, they prevent slips and can installed directly over old quarry tile. This also provides a tremendous aesthetic boost because commercial floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

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4. Mechanical Rooms

Floors with a commercial coating stand up very well under the constant weight of heavy industrial equipment. This makes commercial floor coatings a great choice in mechanical and boiler rooms, which are full of heavy industrial equipment. Premium commercial floor coatings also withstand temperature changes and the high heat given off by running heating and cooling equipment.

5. Server Rooms

Since floor coatings are a seamless flooring system, they do not trap dust and dirt. This is extremely important inside server rooms, where dust and dirt can damage or compromise equipment. Floor coatings are also anti-static further reducing floor related risks to server room equipment. Lastly, they can withstand constant pressure from heavy servers and racks.

6. Cold Storage

Commercial floor coatings are not only durable, they can also withstand extreme temperatures. Depending on the type of coating, these temperatures range from -50°F to 210°F. They are also unaffected by thermal shock, so they can be frozen and thawed without damaging the floor coating. This makes them an easy choice from property managers looking for a commercial flooring solution in a cold storage facility.

7. Self Storage

Floors in self storage facilities are exposed to heavy wear and tear. This comes from customers using hand trucks, carts and other equipment to move items. Then floors inside some units are subject to heavy weight from the items being stored. Commercial floor coatings stand up well to both, making them a great choice for property managers in charge of self storage facilities.

8. Loading Docks

Since commercial floor coatings stand up well against forklift and even vehicle traffic, they are a great choice for loading dock areas. When treated correctly, they also become oil resistant, making it easy to clean up oil and other engine fluids leaking off vehicles. Lastly, they stand up very well against impacts from dropped items.

9. Locker Rooms

Since floor coatings are a great choice in both bathrooms and shower facilities, they are a natural choice for locker rooms. Properties with locker rooms, such as apartment clubhouses, fitness centers, cross fit gyms, and community pools, can also benefit from installing a commercial floor coating in their locker rooms. Locker rooms can take advantage of floor coatings because they are slip resistant, antimicrobial, can be installed over existing tile and can even be used on walls.

10. Bike Storage Areas

Offices, apartments and condominiums with dedicated bike storage racks in their parking garages can install commercial floor coatings to protect these areas. The durability of commercial floor coatings is what makes them a great choice for bike storage areas. Commercial floor coatings also stand up well against fluids like chain grease.
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11. Laundry Rooms

In apartment buildings, condos, hotels and other facilities with laundry rooms, commercial floor coatings are a great flooring option. This is because they stand up well underneath heavy washers and dryers. They are also waterproof, which will help in the event of a flood caused by a broken machine.

12. Parking Garages

High end commercial floor coatings can be driven on by vehicles ranging from small cars to tractor trailers. While this durability makes them a good choice for parking garages, it is their resistance to chemicals and oils that really sets them apart as a parking garage flooring option. Unlike concrete, commercial floor coatings do not easily stain from oil and other vehicles fluids. They have also be cleaned by pressure washing with live steam and hot water.

13. Trash Rooms

Another opportunity for apartments to take advantage of commercial floor coatings is in their trash rooms. Not only are commercial floor coatings antimicrobial, they do not fade and are stain resistant as well. Since they are seamless, they also do not absorb dust, liquids or odors from waste left in trash rooms. Properties looking to eliminate issues with trash rooms should explore valet trash.

14. Shower Facilities

Commercial floor coatings are waterproof, slip resistant and antimicrobial. This is why they are an excellent choice for shower facilities at all types of properties. This includes senior and assisted living facilities, community clubhouses, and locker rooms. They can also be installed over existing tile, which makes them a great option during a renovation.

15. Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens, including cafeterias and bakeries, are an excellent candidate for commercial floor coatings. Coatings can installed directly over older tile floors. Additionally, they resist mold, fungus and bacteria, which are problematic in any commercial kitchen or bakery. This article talks about all the benefits of commercial floor coatings for property managers.

16. Apartment Mail Rooms

With the explosive growth of e-commerce and package handling systems, like Amazon Hubs, mail rooms have become one of the busiest common areas in apartment buildings. As a result, they are a great option for commercial floor coatings which can withstand the wear and tear. This is especially true for mail rooms with package handling systems, because commercial floor coatings can withstand the compression pressure of heavy equipment sitting on them.

17. Concession Stands

Another food prep and serving area, concession stands in stadiums, arenas, amusement parks and public parks are a great candidate for commercial floor coatings. Concession stands can take advantage of commercial floor coatings being easy to clean, slip resistant and antimicrobial.

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