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4 Roof Coating Questions Answered

    Is a roof coating right for my property? Yes is the short answer. Regardless of roof type or age, a roof coating will benefit your property. While every property can benefit from roof coatings, certain properties will find greater benefits. Older properties with large flat roofs, especially ones showing signs they are approaching Read more about 4 Roof Coating Questions Answered[…]

Chalk on blackboard with dollar bills and reduce your energy bills with utility audits

3 Misconceptions of Free Utility Audits

  Every Property Needs an Audit When is the last time your property reviewed its utility bills or explored energy incentive programs? With common misconceptions surrounding utility audits, plus the busy schedules of property managers, utility audits can become an afterthought. This, however, is a mistake. Utility savings programs have expanded in recent years covering Read more about 3 Misconceptions of Free Utility Audits[…]

Benefits of Commercial Coatings

Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

    6 Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings   Commercial roof coatings offer a tremendous range of benefits to property managers. Properties with excess 2017 capital budgets should heavily consider a roof coating. While older properties are typical roof coating candidates, new properties can also benefit greatly from a roof coating. This is especially relevant Read more about Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings[…]

Extending Commercial Roof Life

Extending Commercial Roof Life

    Extending Commercial Roof Life   Your commercial roof is one of your most important assets. It protects your property from the elements and can have a major impact on your energy efficiency. Additionally, replacing a commercial roof is expensive, with costs potentially exceeding $1,000,000. Add up these considerations, and it is easy to Read more about Extending Commercial Roof Life[…]

Preparing Your Commercial Roof For Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Roof For Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter As the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground, we are reminded that the long, winter season is just around the corner. Between now and the first freeze, it is important that you are proactive in preparing your commercial roof for winter. While it might not Read more about Preparing Your Commercial Roof For Winter[…]

Creating Great Craigslist Apartment Ads

    The Power of Craigslist   Did you know Craigslist is the 15th most visited website in the United States? In fact, there are an average of 2 million visitors everyday looking at nearly 1.6 billion pages. Due to this massive audience, Craigslist is a powerful multi-family housing marketing tool. While this massive audience Read more about Creating Great Craigslist Apartment Ads[…]

Multi-Family Housing Marketing Tools

    Multi-family Housing Marketing Tools   Marketing a multi-family property, while also running it, can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, property managers have a wide range of multi=family housing marketing tools to choose from. There are tools for everything including email marketing, social media management, online reviews, and search engine optimization. For properties lacking an Read more about Multi-Family Housing Marketing Tools[…]

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How To Ask For And Get A Raise

    Increasing your property management salary   Negotiating an increase to your property management salary is often easier said than done. It can be uncomfortable to ask for a raise, even when it is more than deserved. There are, however, ways to improve the chances of your request being well received and approved. Even Read more about How To Ask For And Get A Raise[…]

NAHMA – What You Need To Know

What is the National Affordable Housing Management Association Established in 1990, the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) is the top resource for the affordable multi-family housing industry. Above all other issues, NAHMA’s mission is to support legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing. NAHMA also Read more about NAHMA – What You Need To Know[…]

Multi-Family Property Management Credentials

    NAA Property Management Credentials   The National Apartment Association, or NAA for short, offers 8 property management credentials for professionals in the multi-family housing industry. These credentials cover most aspects of operating a multi-family property. In addition to credentials for property managers, leasing professionals, maintenance technicians, and suppliers, they also offer specialty credentials Read more about Multi-Family Property Management Credentials[…]