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Recruiting Assistant Property Managers – 5 Tips

  Challenges of Recruiting Assistant Property Managers   While entry level positions get flooded with applicants, they can be the hardest jobs to fill. This is no different when it comes to the property management industry and recruiting assistant property managers. Job posts yield tons of responses, but very few qualified applicants. Further complicating the Read more about Recruiting Assistant Property Managers – 5 Tips[…]

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Finding Apartment Manager Jobs

Searching for Apartment Manager Jobs   Taking the next step in your apartment management career can be a daunting proposition. This is true for even the most seasoned industry professionals. While a new opportunity is exciting, finding the right one can be challenging. This challenge extends beyond landing an interview. Simply finding open opportunities that Read more about Finding Apartment Manager Jobs[…]

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5 Apartment Marketing Hacks to Drive More Leases

  Driving Apartment Leases   Property Manager Insider recently caught up with apartment marketing expert Matt Easton, of Multi-Family Traffic, and posed a question on the minds of apartment managers everywhere: “How can apartment managers use marketing to drive more leases?” Matt was quick to answer with apartment marketing hacks managers can use to lease Read more about 5 Apartment Marketing Hacks to Drive More Leases[…]

Commercial Painters Painting Exterior of High Rise Apartment Building Hiring Apartment Painting Contractors

Hiring Apartment Painting Contractors

Apartment Painting Challenges   Depending on the scope of your apartment painting project, hiring the right painter can be a challenge. Apartment buildings come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, they create complex painting projects. Consequently, finding and hiring apartment painting contractors is not as simple as opening the phone book. Whether you Read more about Hiring Apartment Painting Contractors[…]

How much do apartment managers make?

How much do apartment managers make?   If you guessed $55,000 you would have answered the question correctly. $87,000 is another right answer and so is $47,000. If you said over $100,000 you still wouldn’t be wrong! Fairly answering the question, how much do apartment managers make, is nearly impossible without looking at multiple factors. Read more about How much do apartment managers make?[…]

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Valet Trash Service Guide

    Valet Trash Service Guide   Rated the number 1 amenity by multi-family residents, valet trash services are continuing to gain popularity nationwide. This is especially true among millennial, who highly value luxury amenities. While residents love valet trash pickup, it also benefits property managers. Valet trash services can increase net operating income at Read more about Valet Trash Service Guide[…]

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Is Amazon’s Growth Shrinking Retail Property Manager Salaries?

Amazon is Killing the Retail Industry   Due to the explosion of e-commerce, driven largely by Amazon, the retail industry is under attack. While this headline is old news, it is still a major cause for concern for retail property managers. Retail rents are decreasing while vacancies are increasing. Consider these facts from a recent Read more about Is Amazon’s Growth Shrinking Retail Property Manager Salaries?[…]