Salary In Wood Block On Wood Table For Property Manager Insider

How To Ask For And Get A Raise

    Increasing your property management salary   Negotiating an increase to your property management salary is often easier said than done. It can be uncomfortable to ask for a raise, even when it is more than deserved. There are, however, ways to improve the chances of your request being well received and approved. Even Read more about How To Ask For And Get A Raise[…]

NAHMA – What You Need To Know

What is the National Affordable Housing Management Association Established in 1990, the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) is the top resource for the affordable multi-family housing industry. Above all other issues, NAHMA’s mission is to support legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing. NAHMA also Read more about NAHMA – What You Need To Know[…]

Multi-Family Property Management Credentials

    NAA Property Management Credentials   The National Apartment Association, or NAA for short, offers 8 property management credentials for professionals in the multi-family housing industry. These credentials cover most aspects of operating a multi-family property. In addition to credentials for property managers, leasing professionals, maintenance technicians, and suppliers, they also offer specialty credentials Read more about Multi-Family Property Management Credentials[…]

The Average Property Manager Salary

    Average Property Manager Salary   While becoming a successful property manager is no easy task, it can be extremely lucrative career path. According to, the median property manager in 2017 earned a salary of $91,464, with ranges averaging from $79,396 to $105,238. Factoring in bonuses, the median income jumps to $94,395! This Read more about The Average Property Manager Salary[…]

Elevator Cab Interior After Elevator Modernization

What is elevator modernization?

    What is elevator modernization?   Elevator modernization, sometimes called elevator lift replacement, refers to the complete upgrading of an elevator’s critical mechanical equipment. Most commonly this means installing or retrofitting new equipment throughout the elevator. Heavily impacted parts of the elevator include the controller equipment, hoist machinery, electrical components, and motors. Modernization does Read more about What is elevator modernization?[…]

IICRC certified technician cleaning carpet

Are you familiar with the IICRC?

    What is the IICRC?   The IICRC, short for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is the biggest association in the world for companies in the carpet cleaning and disaster restoration industry. Beyond being the largest industry association in the world, they also develop and regulate global industry standards. It is not Read more about Are you familiar with the IICRC?[…]

Roofers Installing New Roofing System With Extended Commercial Roof Life

Understanding Commercial Roof Life

    Average Commercial Roof Life   According to most major manufacturers and roofing contractors, commercial roof life can average anywhere from 20 to 60+ years depending on the type of roof that is installed. Three of the most common types of roofing, architectural asphalt shingle, flat membrane, and metal, all have varying life expectancies: Read more about Understanding Commercial Roof Life[…]

4 Important Skills for Property Managers

    4 Important Skills for Property Managers   Property managers are often tasked with wearing multiple hats. This can mean performing financial analysis and budgeting one day, to vetting contractors or building a marketing campaign the next. Mastering all around skills is an important part in developing into a great property manager. Here are Read more about 4 Important Skills for Property Managers[…]

now hiring a certified property manager

The Value of Hiring a Certified Property Manager

    Why hiring a certified property manager makes sense   Real estate investors and property owners with growing or large portfolios face complex property management challenges that can exceed their capabilities or take time away from other key operational tasks. This when it makes sense to explore hiring a certified property manager. Certified property Read more about The Value of Hiring a Certified Property Manager[…]