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Average Assistant Property Manager Salary

Everybody has to start somewhere. For many property managers that means first taking an assistant property manager position. Consequently, it is important to explore how assistant property managers get paid. Based on over 8,950 anonymous salary reports on Glassdoor, the average assistant property manager salary in the United States is $46,831. While that number is meaningful, it does not tell the whole story. As a result, we will explore how industry and bonus impact assistant property manager salaries.

Assistant Property Manager Salary Ranges

While $46,831 is the average, the range of salaries varies greatly across industries. According to data from IREM, assistant property manager salaries can range anywhere from $35,000 to $70,000. Retail pays the highest, followed by office properties, with residential properties paying the least. Consequently, assistant property manager salaries can be higher than average property manager salaries across industries. Here’s a breakdown of ranges by property type:

  • Office/Industrial Properties – $52,600 to $65,100
  • Residential Properties – $35,500 to $46,500
  • Retail Properties – $53,900 to $70,500


Assistant Property Manager Bonuses

While residential properties have the lowest average salaries, they do have the highest bonuses by percentage. Here’s a breakdown of the average assistant property manager bonus by industry:

  • Office/Industrial Properties – 7.7%
  • Residential Properties – 12.6%
  • Retail Properties – 9.7%

Most noteworthy is that all assistant property managers receive sizable bonuses as a percentage of base salary. As a result, assistant retail property managers continue to be the most well compensated.

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